gnome-print-0.26 without codename (yes, without codename, not "without codename")
is released.

This is stable release and final gnome-1-4 candidate

(I was not able to verify that, as is as well as unreachable ;)

Until mirrors will sync themselves, you can try
(it is slow, still)

What's new

This is stable release and final gnome-1-4 candidate

- new and much more powerful gnome-font-install (Lauris)

  Should be now usable for average humans (from command line, of course). Plus
  it verifies all existing font entries and does some heuristic to find meaningful
  combinations of loose afm and pfb files

- fontmap is now dynamic (Lauris)

- experimental fax driver (Roberto)

  It does not send faxes itself, but if you have gfax installed, chances are that
  you are able to send faxes without lpr alchemy. Has some geometry problems still.

- bugfixes, bugfixes (everyone)

Your Gnome-Print Team

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