ANNOUNCE: GNOME Games 1.3.90

I'm pleased to announce the release of GNOME Games 1.3.90, code-named
"Aisleriot and some other stuff".  This release marks the culmination
of hundreds of hours of work -- by other people.  This release is
being made in the hopes of getting some level of testing in before
GNOME 1.4.  I'm going to attempt an incomplete list of change here,
and I'll do a better job for 1.4.0.


GNOME Games 1.3.90 should be available shortly from your favorite
mirror, and will go by the name gnome-games-1.3.90.tar.gz
(surprisingly enough).  I'm not sure what the current situation is
with anonymous CVS, so I can't give you a direct link.  :-(


- The main changes in this release are with Aisleriot, everyone's
  favorite solitaire suite.  Many new games have been implemented,
  code has been cleaned up, and bugs have been eliminated.  Revel.

- Another large noticeable change is documentation for many more
  games.  The GDP has been working overtime to explain the rules,
  tricks, and caveats.  For example, I finally understand how to play
  GLines.  It's fun!

- The translators, of course, have done an incredible job, as usual.
  It appears we now have complete or nearly complete translations into
  30 different languages.  Please take the time to thank one of these
  hard working but often under-appreciated contributors the next
  chance that you get.

- There have been several other changes in some of the games (relax,
  same-gnome hasn't been touched/changed!), again I apologize for
  being so inexact here.  Mostly these are bug fixes, crashes that no
  longer crash, etc.

Special Note

I should have released this weeks ago, but I suck.  So I now shift the
burden to you, the users, and ask you to test this as much as possible
in the next few days so that we can have a solid GNOME Games release
for GNOME 1.4.  In particular, if you are physically close to Telsa
Gwynne, or wield any influence over her, try to convince her to play
Aisleriot as much as possible.  This may be difficult, but I know I
can count on you.  ;-)

Ian Peters      " is 5 am and the sun has charred the other
itp gnu org      side of the earth and come back to us and painted
itp ximian com   the smoke over our heads an imperial violet..."

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