gnome-core 1.0.54 "Bad Apple Pie" released

Hello everyone,

After last night's dinner failure, I have cooked up a new gnome-core.

This is an upgrade to the October GNOME version of gnome-core (1.0.53),
as it is based on the gnome-core-1-0 branch from CVS.

* Availability



* Changes since 1.0.53

	- desk-guide/tasklist shouldn't crash when window are created
		then quickly destroyed (Tim Janik)
	- desk-guide can have multiple row/columns (like gnome-pager)
		(Tim Janik)
	- increased tasklist configurability (Anders Carlsson)

	- gnome-session fixes (Owen Taylor, Elliot Lee)

	- multiload fix (Martin Baulig)

	- more translations (i18n team)

Have fun...
"Me fail English?  That's unpossible!" - R. Wiggum

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