GNOME libs 1.0.9 is out

Hello guys,

   New version of the GNOME libraries has been released.

* Availability

   You can get this from the GNOME ftp site:

* What is new

** Documentation

        * GNOME has now a man page (gnome.1)

	* Documented the GNOME MDI API.

	* Enhanced some bits of the API.

** Localization work

	* Updated norwegian translations (Kjartan)

	* Updated the German translations (Matthias Warkus)

	* Updated the Japaneese translations (Yukihiro Nakai)

	* Updated the Portuguese translations (Nuno Ferreira)

** libgnorba

	* GNOME name server got some small fixes from Andrew Veliath
	  (use close-on-exec for any fd we open, change to /).

	* Should now finally compile cleanly on HP-UX.

** Mime types

	* Federico Mena and Jonathan Blandfort updated our stock
	  mime-type database

** gnome-bug bug reporting script

	* Now recognizes SuSE systems for providing better bug
	  reporting information (Matthias Warkus)

** libgnome updates

	* Should compile fine on some a.out based systems  (Thanks to
	  Ian Main for finding this on OpenBSD).

	* Memory leak fixes from Morten Welinder.

** gnomeui updates

	* GnomeIconItem fixes (fixes some reported bugs in gmc).

	* Animator widget fixes.

	* GnomeDockItem code fixes from Damon Chaplin.

	* Memory leak fixes from Morten Welinder.

	* Bug fix gtk-clock from Damon Chaplin.

** Zvt library

	* Fixed the size allocation code for winodws (Michael Zucchi).

	* Speed ups for refreshing (Michael Zucchi)

	* Implementation of application keypad (Kenn Humborg).


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