Gnumeric 0.25 has been released

Hello guys,

   Gnumeric 0.25 has been released.  Lots of new things are happening
in this new version, here is a list:

* User visible

	* New functions: BETADIST(), FDIST(), TDIST(), CHIDIST(),
	  CHIINV(), GAMMAINV(), GAMMADIST() from Jukka-Pekka.

	* New functions: SUMSQ(), MULTINOMIAL(), PRODUCT(), SQRTPI().
	  I believe these are from Jukka Pekka, but I do not see a
	  ChangeLog entry.

	* Enhanced Excel importing code even more (Michael Meeks).

	* Goal seek dialog box from Jukka-Pekka works.

	* Round up bug fixed by Morten Welinder.

	* Recomputation bugs for cell ranges fixed (some taxpayers
	  noticed that their loaded sheets were not recalculating at
	  startup, thanks for their input).

* User visible, not ready

	* More Bonobo work.  Start of graphics wizard for use with
	  Guppi, the GNOME plotting engine.

* Foundation work

	* Integration of libglade into Gnumeric.  Now we can design
	  our dialog boxes with Glade and use libglade to load the
	  GUIs.  Thanks to Damon Chaplin for Glade and James
	  Henstridge for libglade and his support with libglade.

	* Made the code use 'const' a lot more (Morten Welinder), this
	  helps making the code more robust.

* Not very visible

	* Assorted batch of bug fixes.

	* A number of memory leaks have been fixed (Morten Welinder).

	* Excel loader can even restore your selection :-) (Michael

	* A number of sanity checks from Morten Welinder.  


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