Caveat: RPMS of Gnumeric 0.25 now available

Summary: funky dependencies can be ignored, reget to avoid the bonobo

> i386 RPMs available now on in /pub/gnome/latest/i386/.

Ergh.  The stock gnumeric.spec file has an explicit requirement listed for
guile >= 1.3.  However, it built correctly.  ENOCLUE.  Theoretically it
should work, but I'm not the right person to test it.

This does bring up the point that the RHAD 1.0 RPMs are guile-1.2 based,
and new stuff is going to be guile-1.3.  Can someone at RHAD create
guile12-1.2 a la glib10 and gtk+10?

Also, Miguel pointed out that building things against bonobo at this point
is probably dangerous.  So I rebuilt it without bonobo, and moved the
original bonoo-based RPMs to gnumeric-bonobo-0.25.  If you got the first
one, reget it so you don't have to worry about bonobo.


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