Bouncing Bonobo release of the GNOME libraries.

	  The Bouncing Bonobo release of the GNOME libraries

The GNOME team has just released version 0.30 of the GNOME libraries
(the Bouncing Bonobo release).  With this release lots of stability
problems have been fixed and it is the first release to include CORBA
support on the core.

The GNOME libraries are required to build the other GNOME desktop
components (released independently of this library).  The other GNOME
desktop components for Bouncing Bonobo are going to be announced

New features:

   In this release the most important changes are:

      - The GNOME metadata library implementation by Tom Tromey.

        This lets application programmers stick and query arbitrary
        information to a file.  Work is in progress to define a set of
        standard tags for files and the next major release of the file
        manager will be using this library to perform various tasks.

      - New GNORBA library by Elliot Lee: 

        This library provides ORBit main loop integration for GNOME
        applications, CORBA authentication services and service
        activation.  This library is used by the applications in GNOME
        that use ORBit.

      - The GNOME app Helper routines have been improved, cleaned and
        revamped: You can now create un-attached toolbars and menu
        bars, and create popup menus with an easy to use API as well.
        All of thse support keyboard navigation, underlined shortcuts
        and hotkeys. Thanks to Owen Taylor and Federico Mena for all
        of the work to provide this to GNOME users.

      - New Color Picker widget: an improved version of the color
        selector is now available.  The old interface
        (GnomeColorSelector) is obsolete and will be removed in the
        next release.

      - Many improvements to the GNOME Canvas widget.

      - Better documentation: More effort has been put in documenting
        the existing GNOME API.  Look in the devel-docs directory for
        developer information.

      - Many bug fixes, speed ups and stability fixes to various
        modules: GnomeMDI, GnomeCanvas, GnomeStock, GtkCauldron,
        GnomeRemote, GtkSocket, GnomeDentryEditor, Zvt Terminal
        emulator widget.

      - Configurable: MDI, GnomePropertyBoxes.

Getting it:

	You can get the code from:

	Or from the Anonymous CVS, use the tag GNOME_0_30 to fetch
	this version.
	RPM packages for Red Hat based systems are available at:

	There are no Debian packages at the time of this release, but
	they should appear as soon as the Debian maintainers catch up
	with the release.


	This version of the GNOME libraries requires Glib 1.1.3 and
	Gtk 1.1.2 (recently released) and they are available here:
	The metadata implementation expects you to have a copy of
	Berkley DB installed in your system.  Both version 1.85 and
	version 2.0 will work.  This library is common with most BSD
	and Linux systems.

	You can fetch your copy of Berkley db 2.0 from:

	You will also need Imlib 1.7, you can get it from here:

	The ORBit 0.3 CORBA 2.2 implementation from:

Special thanks to the Red Hat Advanced Development team for
engineering the release of Bouncing Bonobo.  

The GNOME team.

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