ANNOUNCE: Gnumeric 0.2 GNOME spreadsheet.

			 Gnumeric version 0.2
		    (The Bouncing Bonobo release)

The Gnumeric spreadhseet is part of the GNOME (
desktop environment: a project to create a user-friendly free desktop
environment.  As every other component of GNOME, Gnumeric is free
software, and has been designed to be a user-friendly spreadsheet.

Gnumeric is a new foundation for free spreadsheet development: it has
a solid code base and has been designed to compete in the look and
feel area with most commercial spreadsheet offerings.  With this new
foundation of spreadsheet code, many exciting things can be done that
were only a dream in the past.

Special attention has been payed in the usability area:  various
useful features found on other spreadsheet have been included. 

Getting Gnumeric:

   You can get Gnumeric from the GNOME ftp site:


   Various screenshots of Gnumeric are available in 

Library requirements:

   To compile Gnumeric you need the following libraries installed on
   your system:

      - gnome-libs 0.30  (gnome-libs-0.30.tar.gz)
        The GNOME libraries in turn require:
	  - ORBit 0.3.0.
	  - Berkley DB.

      - gnome-xml library (libxml-0.30.tar.gz)

Mailing lists:

   A Gnumeric mailing list has been created, to subscribe send a mail

Web page:

   To look at the status of Gnumeric as well as to gather more
   information about the development and future plans of Gnumeric,

Reporting bugs:

   Use to report bugs on Gnumeric.  

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