Re: Accessibility state of the union

Hi Cosimo.

Igalia has me working full time on accessibility (maintaining and
developing Orca; working on Web Accessibility and associated W3C
standards such as ARIA). I blogged about the improvements to Orca's
Firefox support and the addition of MathML support here:

Plans for 3.19/3.20 include moving Orca's settings to GSettings (Orca
currently rolls its own), adding support for plugins through libpeas,
and creating an Orca-controlled caret for WebKitGtk content (i.e. as is
done for Gecko already).

As for Wayland, I've not looked in a while. But last time I checked,
Wayland doesn't appear to be all that broken for Orca. However, it would
be great if these bugs could be addressed:



On 11/10/2015 09:44 PM, Cosimo Cecchi wrote:
Hi all,

I'm reaching out to the team on behalf of the Foundation Board to
inquire about the state of the union of accessibility.
Especially with the advent of technologies like Wayland or xdg-app
sandboxing, is there any pending work or roadmap that the team could share?
We also noticed that up until a couple years ago the team was hosting
hackfests regularly, but this seems to have stopped; the Board is of
course available to help if needed.

Looking forward to your replies!


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