Re: premature announcement: speech bridge

On 06/22/2015 12:17 PM, Nolan Darilek wrote:
Hey, this is cool! My GF uses Dragon Naturally Speaking, and has been
vocal with me that its lack of equivalent under Linux is the only reason
she still uses Windows.

I recognize it's premature, but mind sharing a few more details? From
which Windows voice dictation software does it bridge? Also, to what
extent does it bridge? In listening to my GF's Naturally Speaking use,
she mainly sticks to dictation plus assorted editing commands ("scratch
that," "correct X to Y," "new paragraph," etc.) Are those types of
editing commands supported?

here are a couple of pieces I created try to explain the concept of accessibility bridge. may or may not clarify The concept for you.

In a nutshell, the simple version here captures keysyms and other information, converts them to keysyms that can be recognized by the Linix emitter side then via RPC, pushes them to Linux_emitter which in turn converts them to linux keysym sequences and pushes them into the input queue.

The next stage will be integrating natlink into the RPC channel allowing you to build a custom grammar, recognized on the Windows side but run on the Linux side.

The third stage is figuring out how to make context changes in linux drive grammar changes in NaturallySpeaking.

Fifth stage would be correcting recognition errors. I personally like the idea of using the recognition history to drive corrections. This may only be possible if Nuance helps.

 sixth stage would be to make the partial cursor display work in linux

sometime after, we really should look at how KVM forwards USB devices to make it more reliable/predictable and automated start up/shutdown to make windows headless.

Thanks, will definitely keep an eye on this project. If it is at all
something she might use, I might look into offering development help if
there's any way to do so exclusively under Windows (I.e. bridge the
dictation component to a testing Linux-side adapter to enhance command

that would be great!

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