GNOME Shell Zoom (Possible Bugs?))

Hello, everyone.

Well, I finally just went for it and installed Linux Mint 12 today, and I am glad that I did. I am loving GNOME Shell. It is very fast and responsive. I want to note that I am using the current NVIDIA 173 driver on my system.

I got the Zoom feature up and working pretty quickly thanks to some experience in using a virtual machine the past month or so.

I have had some time to work with the Zoom feature (which is working very nicely for the most part) and I have found a few things which I would like to report. The thing is, I have never filed a bug report (I will learn to do so), and I am not sure if what I am experiencing would be considered a bug or not.

The first thing which I see is what I reported on this mailing list sometime last month. Here is a link to that thread:

here is a basic recap:
I originally mentioned that I found the magnifier to lag during panning when I would switch to the Applications view in the Activities Overview. I have also found this to happen in other cases as well. Here they are in brief, with examples to replicate.

1. The original lag when panning the magnifier within the Applications view of the Activities Overview. 2. There is a lag while panning when the Windows view of the Activities Overview displays one or more windows. 3. There is a slight lag when moving between icons on the Dash (or Favorites) portion of the Activities Overview. 4. There seems to be a lag when one window (which I am assuming is a child of a parent window) is opened. Here is a way to replicate this:

1) Open Gedit
2) Type in some random text (e.g. asdfghjkl;)
3) Press CTRL+S to open the Save As dialog box
4) Pan around the save As dialog box, and you should see the lag
5) Close the Save As dialog without saving. The magnifier will pan smoothly within Gedit as expected.

This same lag occurs when I try to do spell checking of an e-mail within Thunderbird. I have also seen it within Firefox and other programs when a dialog related to the program opens.

5. Finally, I noticed that a blue square quickly appears and disappears around the pointer when doing certain things. Here are a few examples:

NOTE: Performing any of the below (at least on my system) causes this to happen.

1) Go to any Web site (e.g. and pan up and down through the lines of text. 2) Open an unmaximized window (such as the Gedit text editor) and pan the mouse pointer (while zoomed) over the window borders as well as over any separators.

As I mentioned earlier in this e-mail, I have never reported a bug before, and I don't want to put up a flag if these things are already known. I am fairly certain that the lags mentioned above would constitute a bug, but what should I file it against? I am going to research some documents on filing bugs because I want to be as helpful as I can be when I find certain things like this.

Is there anyone else here on the list who can confirm the above mentioned scenarios?

thanks for any help and suggestions, and thank you developers for all the hard work. I am loving the new GNOME.

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