Re: Negativ Layout in Gnome 3

Hi Håkon!

> I'm a firm Gnome user and feel you have done a fantastic job with
> Gnome 3 There is however one thing I miss in the new version of Gnome.
> I have impaired vision, and there are times it is important to me and
> switch to negative layout in all applications. so. I solved this
> easily by holding down and super + Super + M or N depending on the
> Linux Distro. this was a feature you supported or was this a 3 party
> that Compiz was responsible for.

This is a Compiz feature. And, of course, Compiz cannot be used in a
proper GNOME 3 environment. This was not the decision of, nor is it
something under the control of, the GNOME Accessibility Team I'm afraid.

GNOME Shell Magnifier should be able to provide this capability (and do
so even at a magnification level of 1x for those who need inverse
brightness/color without magnification). Getting this functionality
fully integrated into the GNOME 3 environment is something that still
needs to be done.

Take care.

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