Re: Improving stability in Vinux testing repo by dropping GTK+ patches

On 23/01/11 17:47, Bill Cox wrote:

While we lack developers in Vinux land, we do have a fair number of
very good testers.  I've been trying to get Natty up and running -
other Vinux devs have already succeeded.  However, I'm having trouble
with VirtualBox not being able to do 3D acceleration on my machine.
Like other people with some vision impairments, I'm a bit gun-shy
about switching my main machine to a native install of unstable
versions.  As soon as I can figure this out, I'll start testing.

Unity uses a bit more of the OpenGL api than regular Compiz and only works for me using Oracle VirtualBox 4.0 which is the binary .deb download which is free as in beer and is almost the same as VirtualBox Open Source Edition which is Free as in Speech. To set expectations, it is becoming less broken all the time now, and is approaching the point of usability for unimpaired and patient people. Accessibility features are beginning to turn up and I expect this to follow a process of improvements that will head towards a point of working well for all users, but it won't start that way.


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