Re: No more bugs should be filed under atk/gail

On Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 6:33 PM, Piñeiro <apinheiro igalia com> wrote:
From: Li Yuan <liyuan gnome org>

> GAIL has been moved into Gtk+ for a long time. For new GAIL bugs, please
> file them in Gtk+/gail categoty on

Well, I think that in order to avoid that it would be good to remove
'gail' component from the atk product. Are you able to do that, or we
need to contact bugzilla maintainers?

I tried to remove the component. But bugzilla only allow to remove a component when there is no bug in that component including closed bugs. But there are 444 closed bugs, I am not sure where to put these bugs.

In the same way, the atk description on the bugzilla should be
changed. If you take a look here [1], the description is the next one:

atk:    Accessibility Toolkit, including GAIL (GNOME Accessibility Implementation Library)

Description that it is not true anymore. So it would be good to
rewrite it to:

atk:    Accessibility Toolkit


atk:    Accessibility Toolkit, not including GAIL (report GAIL bugs on gtk+)

Can you update that description or we need to contact bugzilla
Yes, this makes sense. I can do this.


> I have cleared open bugs under atk/gail, moved 34 bugs to Gtk+/gail, and
> closed 26 duplicated or obsoleted bugs. There are 68 bugs under
> Gtk+/gail now.

Thanks, a real awesome work.


API (apinheiro igalia com)

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