Need advice on GNOME-A11y giveaways

Hello GNOMEie Marketeers and A11y'ers!

I'd like your advice before I start ordering up stuff for the upcoming
CSUN conference in San Diego in March.  I actually need this nailed down
much sooner as I'll be leaving for California in February.

- I will be ordering some nice vinyl banners that Andreas Nillson helped
design for me a while ago.  This will help our booth look very spiffy at
CSUN.  I intend to reuse these banners elsewhere after CSUN.  One set I
already ordered should still be residing in Spain if anyone wants to use
it for a European event.

- I created some 5"x7" postcard handouts and still have a bunch left
that I can give out, but I'd like to redo them in a way that might be
better.  The design I did was a last minute design and you can see here

Keep in mind that the audience at CSUN is non-open source oriented.  And
we'll be literally buried in a sea of hundreds of other a11y booths.
(It's a pretty big event!)  So, I believe the cards really have to speak
to why look at open source as an option?  So... does what I have created
speak to that well enough?  And how can we design it in a way that looks
better/more appealing?  

One drawback to this card was that we crammed a lot of text into what is
a fairly sizable piece of paper.  So large-print wasn't really going to
work well.  I'd like to be able to address large-print goals this time

- I want to create some really cool sticker (in 2inchx2inch format) that
would appeal to non-open source folks.  Yes we have the nice GNOME
stickers which I intend to give out as well.  But it doesn't inspire
people to use and display them if they aren't adopting GNOME right away.
I'm looking for a very cool design that says  "I'm proud to be an a11y
user!" and yet still has some reference to GNOME for anyone to look up
at a later time.  Something that says  Accessibility ROCKS!

I did think previously about removable tattoos and pins.  But removable
tattoos, while cool, can only be used once.  And pins cost too much if I
don't order in significant bulk.  :-(

Stickers though are very economical and I can afford to pony up for
those if we can move quickly before the current sale price goes away.

Any ideas, folks?


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