Re: How to know if a11y is activated

Hey all.

On Wed, 30 Nov 2011 17:50:09 +0100, Nelson Benítez León <nbenitezl gmail com> wrote:
back in 2008, nautilus implemented an enhanced keyboard
navigation,only activated when a11y was off,


because this new
navigation would confuse visually impared people,

Why on earth would it do that any more than it would sighted users? If I Right Arrow and suddenly pop into a new row unexpectedly, I can look and see that I've moved back to the first column. Likewise, given a non-borked implementation of AtkTable with appropriate column headers, a screen reader like Orca will automatically present the new column. So the user who is blind will know where he/she is too.

so, is this the right way to check if accesibility is activated on a widget?

As Mike suggested in his response and as you may have gathered from mine above, I'm not convinced this is the right question to be asking. ;) I think the real questions include:

1. Should Right Arrow move you to the next row if pressed at the end of the current row always, or should it be configurable?

2. If the act of pressing Right Arrow should move you to the next row if pressed at the end of the current row in tables in Nautilus, would it make sense to move this functionality into Gtk+ itself so that all Gtk+ tables behave in a consistent fashion when navigated via keyboard?

Sorry if my questions are obvious

No apologies needed, and we appreciate your asking! As you can see, this AT-support-specific functionality is news to at least some of us. ;)

Take care.
--joanie (Orca project lead)

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