Re: How to know if a11y is activated

El día 30 de noviembre de 2011 18:43, Mike Gorse <mgorse alum wpi edu> escribió:
> Well...
> There's a gsettings key that determines whether atk-bridge gets loaded
> (org.gnome.desktop.interface toolkit-accessibility). But shouldn't this be a
> user preference somewhere, if it isn't going to always be enabled? Using
> toolkit-accessibility as a test doesn't really seem like the right way to go
> about it. If accessibility is enabled for some other reason (running ldtp,
> for instance), or if in the future it is enabled by default, then the test
> will break.

Thanks for the info, didn't know about that key, is disabled by
default here in fedora 16 so that's not the cause the condition is

> I'm curious as to where the original discussion happened / if others have a
> preference for not wanting the behavior. The tabular position of a file
> isn't really important when files are just listed in order. Even if a screen
> reader user might want to know when moving to the next row, the screen
> reader could potentially query the new cell location if the container
> accessible implements AtkTable, and give the user an indication of being on
> a new row if a preference for that behavior is set. So I don't personally
> see a reason not to just always enable the behavior, but it would be good to
> see if anyone else reading this has an opinion one way or the other.

Ok, I will propose to enable always the behaviour if there are no
objections from a11y people..


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