Re: Gnome3 and Vinux: Interaction is needed

On 04/29/2011 02:02 AM, Anthony Sales wrote:
There should now be a few people from Vinux on the Gnome list - please let us know how we can help - although so far I have not been able to get Gnome 3 to work on any of my computers as a live CD - I have not tried to install it to hard drive yet though, which might allow me to install non-free video drivers and maybe then it will work. Once I am back in work I will be able to check the Gnome list everyday, but this isn't a list I generally visit at home as I am too busy with the vinux mailing list.

Just a brief comment, related to this "non-free video drivers".

Just to mention that GNOME 3 would include:

* Default desktop: new interaction based on GNOME Shell, that requires 3D hw acceleration * Classic desktop: basically 2.32 desktop, plus all the rest of the changes. The purpose of this classic desktop is being the fallback for people without hw acceleration and accessibility.

So, if your problem is just the non-free video drivers, it would be also good to test the Classic GNOME desktop.


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I'm merging this email into the vinux mailing lists.

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Hi all!

Note that I am moving desktop-devel-list into the BCC field and replacing it with the gnome-accessibility-list since the chief complaint here seems to be a testing tool created by our team for our team.

On Wed, 2011-04-27 at 21:48 -0400, Super Bisquit wrote:
The testing CD is not easily accessible for the blind.
This is a known issue I’m afraid. That is why we’ve included ‘accessible installer’ on our to-do list. Unfortunately, we just have not had the time to get to that yet. if someone from your community has expertise in writing accessible installers, we would love to have such a contribution. In the meantime, what I am planning on doing for the next spin of the distro is cause Orca to be launched automatically. People who do not need Orca can always quit it. :-) This should make the A11y Team’s testing tool more accessible to users. Would this address your immediate concerns?

Where? google groups: vinux users and developers.
Alternatively, would it be possible for you to join us on #a11y channel in GimpNet and/or on the gnome-accessibility-list where we do our work and planning? We’re a small team working with a number of downstreams, and while we want to actively participate in each of those communities, it is not always practical.

You need their input, they need your applications, and both can help
out the other.
Agreed! Let’s continue this discussion.


Javier Hernández Antúnez
<jhernandez emergya es<mailto:jhernandez emergya es>>

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