Re: Travel Tips for Going to Spain

2010/9/24 Bryen M. Yunashko <suserocks bryen com>:
> A couple of travel tips that some of you should be aware of if traveling
> aborad to Spain for the GNOME-A11y hackfest.

Hi, I attach a html copy of the Useful Spanish Phrases made for the
Gran Canaria Development Summit[1]. I think that info is also useful
for those who are no much familiar with Spanish. The wiki were is this
info is restringed so I had to save the HTML version.
I hope this help.

Anyway if you have any trouble you can contact with me or any of the
spaniard that will be there.

I'm looking forward to meet you here in Seville :-)

Juanje Ojeda Croissier
Responsable de Comunidad

Emergya Consultoría
Tfno: +34 954 51 75 77 / +34 672 16 74 09
Fax: +34 954 51 64 73

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