Re: About the current a11y meeting and format

On Tue, 2010-09-07 at 20:46 -0500, Bryen M. Yunashko wrote:
> We actually do have an ICS file that I posted on my server a while
> back (and will probably need to be updated soon.)  However, I'd like
> to get this hosted directly on GNOME's servers in a way that we all
> can update rather than just me (the single point of massive failure at
> all times, heh)   I just have put this on a backburner and should
> probably revisit this todo soon.

The ICS file could be put on our page. All you need is
git commit access to gnomeweb-wml.

Or better yet, not to wait for anyone and simply attach it to an
appropriate page. It could be re-attached when it is
updated, and the URL won't change.

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