Re: Help Wanted for GUADEC

El 4 de mayo de 2010 12:03, Sanne te Meerman <sanne opensourceadvies nl> escribió:
Hi José,

That's great to hear. You mean if I have more info about the Pre-conference in the Hague? Let me point you first to the GUADEC site, where there's a short text about it:

Do you have a website of these projects, that I can put on the GUADEC site?


You're right, i misreaded about the pre-conference. Two of us at Emergya will trip to GUADEC so it's a
good chance to talk about a11y and plan activities.


José Félix Ontañón schreef:
2010/5/4 Lorenzo Gil Sanchez <lgs yaco es <mailto:lgs yaco es>>

   El mar, 04-05-2010 a las 10:05 +0200, Sanne te Meerman escribió:
   > Hi,
   > I'm Sanne te Meerman, from Holland, and I'm part of the dutch team
   > organising GUADEC. Some of you may know me, as I've been active
   on the
   > marketing list.
   > I'm very interested in the A11y project, as it's a great project
   > shows the power of GNOME and the possibilities of Free/Open Source
   > development. I'm currently organising a pre-conference on monday the
   > 26th of July. During this pre-conference, it would be great if
   > who have experience with i.e. the 'ONCE - a11y project' (I don't
   > the exact name of the project) in Extremadura could tell
   something about
   > the project.

   I think you mean the set of projects funded by the Consorcio
   Fernando de
   los Ríos, from Andalusia. There are a few of them and they are being
   developed by spanish companies. Some of them are going to Zaragoza
   tomorrow to give more details about how this is working and what
   are the
   mid term goals from an a11y point of view.

   I work for one of those companies (Yaco) and I already talked with
   from some of those companies (Emergya and Onirica) and hope to see
   people from more companies (Warp) in the marketing hackfest to talk
   about these topics.

   Best regards,

Hi! I'm J. Félix Ontañón from Emergya, thanks Lorenzo for introducing us.

We will be pleased to talk about the gnome-a11y involved projects here in Andalusia,
did you have more info about the Extremadura pre-conference?




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