Re: Accessibility Hackfest - Further Planning


On 11 February 2010 00:18, Brian Cameron<Brian Cameron sun com>  wrote:
I also agree that it is a great idea to get any organizations that
we meet at CSUN who are using GNOME a11y or interested in contact
with Stormy and the board.  Even if they are not organizations that
are appropriate for joining the AdBoard, there still may be interesting
opportunities to work together or forge closer relationships.

Is that the preferred method of contact for such interest? Pehraps you
could post a comment on

And I'll pass it on.

Sure, done.  I added a comment with a link to the GNOME Foundation
contact page.  I'd recommend telling people to use the board email
address found on that page (board gnome org), but I think that if
someone used any of the contacts listed on the page, it would get
to the right people.


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