Re: Tentative CSUN hackfest schedule?

On 2 February 2010 15:29, Eitan Isaacson <eitan monotonous org> wrote:
> Sorry I have not been responding to e-mail, i am traveling a bit now. In
> Cambridge UK.

Welcome to the UK. Even if it is with Oxford's traditional enemy :-)

The Project:Possibility students  who win the SS12 event are now
officially part of the conference. They will be hanging around on
Friday and doing a poster presentation on Sat. So it's a great chance
to recruit them to join GNOME a11y. Perhaps GNOME could do a
presentation to them?  They will be a mixture of CSUN UCS & UCLA CS

> Does someone want to make this schedule readable on the wiki?

Made a rough start and began an "interesting sessions" table too. Can
others add as they see fit?


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