Re: Tentative CSUN hackfest schedule?

Ok, this is good news, it's coming together!

Sorry I have not been responding to e-mail, i am traveling a bit now. In Cambridge UK.

We were originally concerned about the length of the conference, especially when it comes to accommodation costs for the foundation.
So I made a decision earlier on to not sponsor more than 5 nights so that we could keep it reasonable.
This dovetails well with the conference schedule, this is what I propose:

We will kick off the hackfest at 9 AM on Tuesday morning the 23rd, and have it be a full day event. This will allow us to concentrate on our stuff
without the booth being a chore we need to deflect resources towards. In the following days, we will be able to work in a less formal fashion along with the booth and conference, and have a proper hackfest wrap-up at the end of the 26th. The 27th is half a day on the exhibition floor, so we will be concluding the booth, folding it, etc. that morning and early afternoon.

So in short, plan to be in the morning of the 23rd in San Diego, and leave sometime during the 27th, preferably in the afternoon so that you could help wrap things up, although I don't think it will be much of a chore.

Does someone want to make this schedule readable on the wiki?


On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 2:37 PM, Steve Lee <steve fullmeasure co uk> wrote:
On 1 February 2010 19:29, Peter Korn <Peter Korn sun com> wrote:
> While conference events start on March 21st with evening pre-conference
> registration, the exhibit floor is open Wednesday the 24th through Saturday

Thanks Peter - I'd missed the floor didn't open till later.

>  I suggest we either have hackfest activities during the period of 24-27, or

>sounds good

> perhaps the day before (the 23rd) if we don't want to oppose activities that
> may draw folks we otherwise want to have at the hackfest.

And we might want to cheer each other on during presentations :-)

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