Re: Mon-Oct 19 Meeting for #a11y

2009/10/15 Eitan Isaacson <eitan ascender com>:
> I wold like to use the meeting to gauge preliminary interest for the a11y
> hackfest, and get some feedback on how we could make it successful.

Eitan, I had another OSS Watch meeting but read through the IRC notes.

So Project:Possibility will be at CSUN, though the extent of
involvement is not yet known. We had discussions with CSUN after they
suggested P:P brought along students and mentors as they would like
more student involvement. The 3 weekends before will be P:P hacking
events (USC, UCLA, CSUN) so it's not clear if it will realistic to do
much more than meet up and help out at the booth or hang out in the
hacking room. It sounds like a good chance to forge links and
introduce students to GNOME a11y. I'm hoping to come along this year.

I'll keep everyone updated as plans develop.


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