Help me with the Q3 Report

Hi All:

It's time for the GNOME Q3 quarterly report. We had a really good presence in the Q2 report, with mentions of:

* HFOSS wrapup
* WebKit a11y
* Java ATK Wrapper
* Mono a11y
* Speech dispatcher
* Magnification/GNOME Shell
* Ca11y
* Mago

The Q3 report will cover July, August, September, and I'd like to give some follow up on the above as well as any new activities that happened during Q3. GNOME Boston will count for Q4, by the way, so we need to save all the good stuff that happened in it for the Q4 report.

For those of you with notable stuff from Jul/Aug/Sep, please send me your information.

Many thanks!


PS - Here's the Q2 report (I'm trying to dig up a more accessible format)

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