Re: Help me with the Q3 Report

From: Willie Walker <William Walker Sun COM>

> * Ca11y

  --> with letters instead of numbers ;) Cally

> The Q3 report will cover July, August, September, and I'd like to give 


  * Cally was moved to o-hand repository, with clutter and other
    clutter-related project. Previous that, it was on a temporal
    public Igalia repository [1]

  * After Clutter 1.0 release, Cally was updated his dependencies and
    number version, in order to be sure to compile against the master
    (for some hours cally compilation failed with the clutter
    master). [2]


  * First attempt of use Cally with Mutter/Gnome-shell. It allow some
    minimal interaction using a dogtail script, but not a real
    accessible interaction. Just a proof of concept [3]

And some commits.

Not really a lot of work, just my two cents.



API (apinheiro igalia com)

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