Dogtail 0.7.0 Released

Hello all,

I'm happy to announce a long-overdue release of Dogtail - 0.7.0. Here
are some of the major changes in this release:

* Dogtail has been ported to pyatspi. This means:
    - Faster performance.
    - Errors will be more clear.
    - No more segfaulting or myserious crashes.

* There is now useful generated API documentation:

* Inline documentation has been greatly improved.

* Headless execution support was completely rewritten.

* Sniff was completely rewritten. It is now:
    - Faster.
    - More reliable.
    - Self-updating via AT-SPI events.
    - Slightly prettier.
    - Able to tell you about certain states and relations.

* Image Comparison (TCImage) was rewritten. No more ImageMagick!

Note: tests/'s TestNodeAttributes is failing due to GNOME bugs
#498557 and #498563


Thanks and Enjoy,

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