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Cool. As the original filer of this bug, I'm very glad to see these features landing. :)

One suggestion: does the entire Orca branch need to be cloned just to add the Banshee script? Seems to me like it might make more sense just to store the script directory in git, then work those into a patch including autotools for submission to the main Orca tree. This would allow users to check out the scripts into their ~/.orca/orca-scripts directory. I can of course just copy the script myself, but unless you're hacking Orca core, that's a lot of extra and unnecessary stuff to carry around. :)

In any case, I expect to have a Karmic box later this week, so I'll pull from the PPA and give this a shot. Thanks again!

On 10/05/2009 12:59 PM, Eitan Isaacson wrote:
Hi Folks.

Over the last few weeks I put some time into making Banshee,
everyone's favorite media player, accessible. Hopefully all concerned
trunks will have these patches in them soon.

You could view all banshee a11y bugs (and add your own) here:

You could read about the work in my banshee-a11y tagged posts:

You could give it a quick try on Ubuntu with my ppa:

You could clone my banshee git branch with the latest accessibility features:

You could try out an Orca Banshee script I have been working on
through this orca git branch:

There is still plenty of more work to do. Hopefully this is inspiring
enough to allow people to test, report further issues, and even fix

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Nolan Darilek

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