Re: HFOSS: VizAudio & DOTS

On Fri, 2009-02-27 at 14:09 -0500, Willie Walker wrote:
> Hi Bryen:
> Before throwing in the towel for the VizAudio solution, I think we 
> should still give the interns a choice, but clearly mark the VizAudio 
> one as one that will have no technical mentorship and that those 
> involved (e.g., the libnotify folks) tend to be very unresponsive to 
> questions.  But, in the unlikely event that the intern happens to be 
> very interested and already has a background, then there might be a match.
> BTW, PulseAudio is still somewhat of a space of serious issue and 
> contention.  Right now, I'd hesitate to accept any solution that depends 
> on it.
> So, I still propose:
> * Flavio writes up the MouseTrap description
> * Bryen writes up the VizAudio description
> * Eitan writes up the Dots description
> All these need to be clear in the following:
> * A clear problem statement
> * A set of deliverables and a measurement for success
> * A list of the mentors and other resources
> In addition, we need strong buy-in from the mentors to see the project 
> through and want to help the intern succeed.  Having someone sign up as 
> a mentor and then leave midstream really blows chunks for everyone and 
> we need to avoid that.
> Can you guys all do this?
> Will

I'll use the original visual audio email sent out before as the basis of
it.  I guess by getting this in the door now gives us a chance to
develop the concept even more by May.

WRT to the mention of PulseAudio, that's perhaps my biggest reservation
as well compared to other solutions.  I merely outlined the different
possible approaches and want to hear more from others about even more

> Bryen wrote:
> > Alrighty, so we've had at least some discussion on the pros and cons of
> > both proposed projects here on the list, plus some discussions online in
> > IRC.  Here's where I stand now.
> > 
> > While I personally truly want to see the VizAudio concept get off the
> > ground, its clear its not quite ready for something to be given to HFOSS
> > interns.  Primarily the reason is because we don't have a strong
> > technical mentor to offer to the project yet.  But underlying, there
> > seems we need to continue to collaborate on how the VizAudio concept
> > gets implemented.  Some have suggested libnotify, others have suggested
> > PulseAudio, and possibly there's other good and valid solutions.   Eitan
> > has offered a great vision for how it would be used with PulseAudio when
> > he and I discussed the concept yesterday.
> > 
> > I must say, despite all this, I'm far more excited about VizAudio after
> > this week.  The concept is really beginning to crystallize itself and I
> > think we can make a go of it in the near future once we figure out some
> > of the pieces to put in place.  Soon, I'll be on Planet GNOME and will
> > then blog about it to see if we can get even more collaboration from the
> > community at large.
> > 
> > DOTS has a greater advantage in positioning itself for HFOSS internship.
> > DOTS has some code already built, plus Eitan would be a great technical
> > mentor.  Note to Eitan, you can include more than one mentor so you're
> > not completely burdened with the work.  My only concern on DOTS is that
> > it has some limited usage and really needs someone with a braille
> > printer to test out the development as it proceeds.  If any of you have
> > access to someone who can offer up their time to test with a braille
> > embossing printer, that would be awesome.
> > 
> > Eitan, you'll need to formulate an outline that Stormy can pass along to
> > HFOSS next week about your proposal and what you would like to see the
> > interns be able to come up with.
> > 
> > So, if there's no further discussion, I'm putting my support to DOTS for
> > HFOSS inclusion.  I think it is a great project and covers a specific
> > need that helps us compete better with other proprietary solutions.
> > Heck, I don't know braille, but I'm tempted to buy one I saw on eBay
> > just to see how it all works.  (Saw one for $149 yesterday.)
> > 
> > Thanks to everyone for the great motivation we all had for making great
> > and sane projects for HFOSS.  Let's keep our eyes open for other
> > internship possibilities and further expand our a11y world.
> > 
> > Bryen
> > 
> > On Wed, 2009-02-25 at 22:07 +0100, Flavio Percoco Premoli wrote:
> >> Willie Walker escribió:
> >>> So....hey two interns, three projects.  Maybe we let the interns 
> >>> decide what they want to work on?  If that's the path we take, let's 
> >>> still at least try to line up a technical mentor for the VizAudio task 
> >>> and a mentor with braille expertise for the Dots task.
> >> I agree with this... I mean, we are deciding what 2 interns are going to 
> >> do in 10 weeks, so could be a good thing to let them chose showing them 
> >> the tasks of the projects and what they/we should reach in the 10 weeks.
> >>
> >> I would like to add (and not to create more decision problems =D ) that 
> >> we could also consider a 10 bugs fixing week, is it possible? I mean, we 
> >> could chose one of the a11y applications with more bugs (not hard to 
> >> learn/program) and do an intensive bug fixing on that app.
> >>
> >> Well, That's just another idea. I agree with letting the two interns 
> >> decide (if possible) and for that we have to prepare a good document for 
> >> each project explaining the taks and everything related to the project.
> >>
> >> Cheers.
> >>
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