Re: HFOSS: VizAudio & DOTS

Alrighty, so we've had at least some discussion on the pros and cons of
both proposed projects here on the list, plus some discussions online in
IRC.  Here's where I stand now.

While I personally truly want to see the VizAudio concept get off the
ground, its clear its not quite ready for something to be given to HFOSS
interns.  Primarily the reason is because we don't have a strong
technical mentor to offer to the project yet.  But underlying, there
seems we need to continue to collaborate on how the VizAudio concept
gets implemented.  Some have suggested libnotify, others have suggested
PulseAudio, and possibly there's other good and valid solutions.   Eitan
has offered a great vision for how it would be used with PulseAudio when
he and I discussed the concept yesterday.

I must say, despite all this, I'm far more excited about VizAudio after
this week.  The concept is really beginning to crystallize itself and I
think we can make a go of it in the near future once we figure out some
of the pieces to put in place.  Soon, I'll be on Planet GNOME and will
then blog about it to see if we can get even more collaboration from the
community at large.

DOTS has a greater advantage in positioning itself for HFOSS internship.
DOTS has some code already built, plus Eitan would be a great technical
mentor.  Note to Eitan, you can include more than one mentor so you're
not completely burdened with the work.  My only concern on DOTS is that
it has some limited usage and really needs someone with a braille
printer to test out the development as it proceeds.  If any of you have
access to someone who can offer up their time to test with a braille
embossing printer, that would be awesome.

Eitan, you'll need to formulate an outline that Stormy can pass along to
HFOSS next week about your proposal and what you would like to see the
interns be able to come up with.

So, if there's no further discussion, I'm putting my support to DOTS for
HFOSS inclusion.  I think it is a great project and covers a specific
need that helps us compete better with other proprietary solutions.
Heck, I don't know braille, but I'm tempted to buy one I saw on eBay
just to see how it all works.  (Saw one for $149 yesterday.)

Thanks to everyone for the great motivation we all had for making great
and sane projects for HFOSS.  Let's keep our eyes open for other
internship possibilities and further expand our a11y world.


On Wed, 2009-02-25 at 22:07 +0100, Flavio Percoco Premoli wrote:
> Willie Walker escribió:
> >
> > So....hey two interns, three projects.  Maybe we let the interns 
> > decide what they want to work on?  If that's the path we take, let's 
> > still at least try to line up a technical mentor for the VizAudio task 
> > and a mentor with braille expertise for the Dots task.
> I agree with this... I mean, we are deciding what 2 interns are going to 
> do in 10 weeks, so could be a good thing to let them chose showing them 
> the tasks of the projects and what they/we should reach in the 10 weeks.
> I would like to add (and not to create more decision problems =D ) that 
> we could also consider a 10 bugs fixing week, is it possible? I mean, we 
> could chose one of the a11y applications with more bugs (not hard to 
> learn/program) and do an intensive bug fixing on that app.
> Well, That's just another idea. I agree with letting the two interns 
> decide (if possible) and for that we have to prepare a good document for 
> each project explaining the taks and everything related to the project.
> Cheers.
Bryen Yunashko
openSUSE Board Member
openSUSE-GNOME Team Member
GNOME-A11y Team Member

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