Re: WebKit a11y hack fest?

I would love to hack at Webkit a11y! It will be very interesting for me.

On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 3:48 PM, Willie Walker <William Walker sun com> wrote:
> Hey All:
> I know we're working on a hack fest for GNOME a11y issues, which is an
> awesome thing.  One thing that is getting horrible attention, however, is
> WebKit accessibility.  In fact, accessibility is one of the things
> preventing WebKit from being accepted into GNOME.
> The WebKit folks have been making fixes, but we've not been very responsive
> in testing them.  I wonder what people's thoughts are about setting aside a
> day to try to coordinate time with the WebKit folks to try to do a virtual
> hackfest for WebKit a11y specifically for GNOME?
> Will
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