Re: Ideas for upcoming Bolzano GTK+ hackfest

Willie Walker wrote:
Aha - the plot thickens as the situation becomes clearer.  :-)

OK, so it sounds like if there is a substantial amount of work to do for something(s) related to accessibility where direct contact with the GTK+ maintainers/developers would be crucial for success, then we should start developing a proposal.

A lot of the a11y issues specific to GTK+ are bugs that just need warm bodies to give them some love. The one main thing I see as being an issue that needs to be worked out or to at least get some closure on is the solution for That might be something that Mattias, Brad Taylor, and I could do at the RedHat offices in Chelmsford.
We can consider the suggestions in or any other ways to handle accessibility of Firefox and OpenOffice smoothly.



Keeping in mind that we'd like to move to a more proactive approach for a11y rather than reacting to GTK+ changes, is there a way the a11y folks can find out more about future GTK+ plans? Would the hackfest be an opportunity to learn these kinds of things and interact with the folks who will be adding them?


PS - Regarding Evince - anything we can do to make it accessible would be AWESOME!

Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
Brian Cameron wrote:

At last year's GTK+ hackfest there wasn't a lot of a11y discussion or
participation from the people who work on a11y-specific GTK+ features.
Since the hackfest is invite-only, I suspect that the right people will
only get invited if there is some reasonable list of issues and items
to warrant people traveling to attend the event and spending time
working on the issues involved.

Well, more exactly, people invited are the ones who have a major GTK+ feature
in the works already, so we invite them to get face to face with the
maintainers and other developers, present to them, discuss any remaining
issues, work them out, and ideally get the work merged in. So, *going* to GTK+ Hackfest to start bringing something up is not the best way to approach this. If someone can start discussion about outstanding a11y issues with GTK+ and come up with an action plan, it may justify bringing them to the hackfest
to further that plan.



PS.  Willie, I'll send you the Evince write-up this week, really.

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