This Monday's 13:30UTC IRC meeting: special guests from RedHat :-)

Hi All:

I spent some time down at RedHat today talking with Jon McCann, Matthias Clasen, Ray Strode, and David Zeuthen about their proposal for revamping gdm. Included in this is an overall approach to making it easier for people to discover and use the accessibility features of GNOME, both from the gdm login screen and your desktop session.

I think what they've come up with is a really big step in the right direction, and I've asked them to come to our meeting this Monday at the usual 13:30UTC time (9:30AM EDT) to discuss the proposal. There are still some details to be worked out, so your feedback is going to be important.

Jon and company will be working up some information to send out prior to the meeting, but I just wanted to take the time to grease the skids a little bit --- I think it's fantastic that mainstream developers are taking a strong interest in accessibility and are doing so proactively. They are also approaching the problem in a way that makes me happy, which is to include end users very early in the process.

So, expect more info on the proposal to come to this list soon and please set aside some time to participate in the meeting Monday at 13:30UTC.

Cool stuff,


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