Re: GNOME A11y: where do we need to improve? (Want input by 25-Jan)

On 23/01/2008, Francesco Fumanti <francesco fumanti gmx net> wrote:
> Please don't get me wrong: In my previous post quoted below I did not
> want to say anything about the importance of the point about "having
> an onscreen keyboard that is more efficient for the users that..."
> I only wanted to say that it is a need that exists and that has been
> proposed in the GetInvolved page; thus it should be considered, even
> if at the end it does not belong into the top ten.

My view is that it's important to you and you've joined the community
so it's important to us ;-)

Actually we want to ensure that *all* user a11y needs are covered well
and you've identified a gap. I also see it as a part of a the need to
polish up 'alternative access' provision. The time is ripe for a good
discussion. We did set up the OSK-ng list a while back, but i think it
might be better done here in the view of the wider community.

Another areas is reading support. OK I'll stop whittering on and go
make some changes to the wiki today.

> By the way, what criteria do you intend to apply to establish the top
> ten list? Does it not depend on the resources available (a coder is
> not a documentation writer)? I assume there are things that need only
> little work while others need much work; the assistive technology
> needed by visually impaired users is probably not much related to
> that used by mobility impaired users,...

I agree with Will that we need input and discussion from people with
all sorts of skills to do the best possible job and to ensure we are
requirements driven.

Steve Lee
Jambu - Alternative Access to Computers

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