Re: [Usability] Mousetweaks usability discussion

On 31.10.2007 14:54, Denis Washington wrote:
I have made a mockup that integrates Mousetweaks settings into the mouse

I hope I haven't forgotten everything. Comments?

You forgot to tell that you've made a mockup for keyboard, too:

And I think I'm in love. ;-)

Seriously, I really like these mockups, and apart from a few minor
easily fixable nitpicks, I think there is only one bigger issue
(that Denis already mentioned): the Notifications window.

But let's do it in order (CC'ing the MouseTweaks guys, too):



* Does it make sense to have a "Mouse" tab in the "Mouse
capplet? I'd hope all the tabs in their are about the mouse.
Maybe "General" would be better here (same for Keyboard).


* "Maybe we can remove the "enable mouse a11y" checkbox and
  implicitly activate the mousetweaks daemon if one of the a11y
  features is actually turned on?"

I hope we can get the MouseTweaks daemon merged with g-s-d.
That would automatically make this box unnecessary. If that
doesn't happen, I'd agree that activating it implicitly is
the way to go (just like it's currently done with typing
break, fwiw).

* "Simulated Right Click"

Does this and the related labels change when I have a
left-handed setup? We'd either need to do that (though I
don't know if it's even possible without having the window
change size) or use something like the current MouseTweaks
UI seems to do: "primary" and "secondary button". Not that
great, either, but better than wrong, I guess.



* "Cursor blinks in text boxes and fields"

Do people know what the difference is between a box and a field? I
know I always confuse the two. Does it matter? Can't we just shorten
it to "Cursor blinks in text fields"?


* The buttons without icons look odd, and different from the ones
  with icons. We should try to fix that.


* "Allow turning accessibility features on/off from the keyboard"

"... on or off... "?

* "simultanous" is missing an "e"

* The "Notifications" window is bad (and contains a few typos),
but I don't currently have an idea how to fix it, short of moving
some of the options over to the "Mouse Keys" tab. That would
require that we come up with a useful way to group them, plus we
should be careful that features on one tab not affect features on
another (turning on/off via the keyboard). To me, this is the one
big issue that needs to be solved to make this one a winner.

Mouse Keys

* not sure I like the link to the mouse capplet

* "Mouse Keys" tab has a "Mouse Keys" header, "Typing Break"
  (correctly, IMO) does not

Overall, great work. Thanks for persisting. ;-)


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