TTSynth Is Here At Last

Congratulations on getting this out Janina, I hope it makes a difference.

>>>>> "Janina" == Janina Sajka <janina rednote net> writes:
    Janina> The premier Text To Speech (TTS) software synthesizer
    Janina> for Linux is now available for immediate on line
    Janina> purchase and download using a credit card!
    Janina> http://TTSynth.Com
    Janina> Available Modules Include: * IBM's incomparable IBM
    Janina> TTS text to speech (formerly called ViaVoice) *
    Janina> Gnome-Speech patched for use with LSR and Orca * The
    Janina> TTSynth Speakup Bridge for screen reading with
    Janina> Speakup * ttsynth_say binary for the CLI or for use
    Janina> in scripts * Also supported by Emacspeak KTTS, and
    Janina> Speech Dispatcher
    Janina> Available Languages For Linux * Chinese * English *
    Janina> Finnish * French * German * Italian * Japanese *
    Janina> Portuguese * Spanish
    Janina>    The best is also very affordable. Your first
    Janina> language license is only $40 USD and each additional
    Janina> language license is only $20 USD, when obtained at
    Janina> the same time.
    Janina>    Use your credit card to purchase and download
    Janina> TTSynth now, and start enjoying the best software
    Janina> speech available for Linux today.
    Janina> Go to http://TTSynth.Com.
    Janina> We provide TTSynth in both .rpm and .deb packages to
    Janina> make it easy to install TTSynth on Fedora, Ubuntu,
    Janina> and most Linux distributions which utilize these
    Janina> package managers.
    Janina> TTSynth is a product of Capital Accessibility, LLC.
    Janina> --
    Janina> Janina Sajka, Phone: +1.202.595.7777;
    Janina> sip:janina a11y org Partner, Capital Accessibility
    Janina> LLC http://CapitalAccessibility.Com
    Janina> Marketing the Owasys 22C talking screenless cell
    Janina> phone in the U.S. and Canada Learn more at
    Janina> http://ScreenlessPhone.Com
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