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Hi Peter,
Thank you for your answer.
I was referring to the cursor in applications where you enter text. The mouse pointer is indeed centered when using the magnifier alone or through orca. But I need to use orca if I want gnome-mag to follow text editing or keyboard focus. The cursor is not centered, the magnifier follows it only when it reaches the end of the magnification screen.
I know my "description" isn't very clear, but try to write something in oowriter or gedit while using gnome-mag through orca and you'll see what I mean.
Thanks again,

On 7/10/07, Peter Korn <Peter Korn sun com> wrote:
Hi Aurelian,

If you are running gnome-mag directly (e.g. 'magnifier'), and have it
tracking the mouse directly ( e.g. 'magnifier -m'), then the mouse
pointer will be in the center of the screen automatically by default.

If you are running gnome-mag via a screen reader like Orca or
Gnopernicus, then you need to set the appropriate setting in your screen
reader (e.g. "Mouse tracking mode" to "Centered").


Peter Korn
Accessibility Architect,
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

> Hello,
> Is there any setting I can change to make gnome-mag keep cursor focus
> in the middle of the magnification window, like it does with mouse
> pointer focus, not at the right margin? To be more clear, I want to
> see the characters I'm typing in the middle of the magnification
> window, like it used to be in previous versions of orca and/or
> gnome-mag. From what I understand, this is an orca setting, but I
> can't find it anywhere.
> Thank you,
> Aurelian
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