Re: Emulating a hardware synth (was:buying used hardware synth)

Luke Yelavich writes ("Re: buying used hardware synth"):
> I think you'll find that those of us who have hardware synths that work 
> with speakup will guard them with our lives, even if we don't use them.
> As many of these devices are getting older, they wear out. Havng more 
> than one can be handy at times.

Sorry to hijack the thread, butOn the topic of hardware speech
synthesizers, I was wondering if there is a program that would allow
one to use a second computer as a hardware synth. What I mean is: Say
I had two machines A and B connected via a parallel cable. Now I want
to install a distribution with a speakup enabled installation process
on machine A, is there a program I can run on machine B that reads for
example dectalk commands from the parallel or serial port an then uses
a software synth to do the actual tts. Thus, machine B emulates a
hardware synth in software.

Thanks and best regards, Lukas

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