Re: buying used hardware synth

On Tue, Jan 02, 2007 at 09:53:09AM EST, Cody Hurst wrote:
>   I am wondering, and I really hate to do this, but if anyone has an
> unused hardware synth that would perhaps work with speakup, if they
> could pass it along to me if it is unused? I'd like to be more
> independant and I think a lot of distros are coming with precompiled
> speakup kernels such as gentoo and I'd really like to install gentoo.

I think you'll find that those of us who have hardware synths that work 
with speakup will guard them with our lives, even if we don't use them.

As many of these devices are getting older, they wear out. Havng more 
than one can be handy at times.

You can still by DoubleTalk synths brand new from RC Systems I think it 

Hope this helps.
Luke Yelavich
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