Re: gnome a11y documentation Re: Forming an Accessibility Steering Committee


On Tue, 2007-12-18 at 18:59 -0600, Brian Cameron wrote:
> David/Steve/Willie:
> Lots of people have complained for a long time that the GNOME a11y
> documentation is in poor shape.
> I think what would be helpful to me would be if someone were to put
> together a proposal of how the website *should* look.  From a high
> level, how should we break down the information to make it easy for
> people from all different walks of life to find the information they
> need?
> I suspect it would be easier to find people willing to volunteer to
> actually update and reorganize the information on the website if there
> were a more clear map of where we want to go.
> Perhaps we could create a page on the Wiki with ideas of how the
> information should be reorganized so that we can get feedback from
> everybody before we try to take a stab in the dark?

Just to point out that GNOME accessibility guide 2.20.1 got a huge
makeover (care of the Ubuntu doc team) and is slightly more up-to-date
now :)  If you're talking about this, please use 2.20.1 as a base.


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