Forming an Accessibility Steering Committee

The GNOME Foundation Board of Directors recognizes the importance
of Accessibility in the GNOME desktop.  To help foster a more
clear and positive vision, the board thinks it would be helpful
to form an Accessibility Steering Committee.

The purpose of this committee would be (in general terms)

- Help oversee a11y issues with the GNOME desktop
- Identify ways that the GNOME Foundation can better promote a11y
- Recommend actions to the GNOME Foundation board.
- Serve as a more clear a11y leadership team
- Help to standardize free a11y interfaces so that a11y solutions can
  be best shared across desktops.

I am wondering who in the GNOME a11y community would be interested
in being a part of this Committee.  Being involved would mean
having time to engage in discussions and related tasks.  It also
may make sense to meet for a phone conference on a regular schedule
(perhaps once or twice a month) if possible.

Once we have identified who would like to participate in such a
Committee, we can work out the details.  Please respond if you would
like to be involved with the GNOME community in this capacity, and
any ideas you have on how this committee could work best.



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