Using gnome-mag as a screen inverter

Hi All,

I've been searching everywhere for a solution to my problem but I can't find
it anywhere.

Basically, I need a tool which inverts the screen (or window) at my request,
for reeding on a dark background. I've tried the compiz-neg plugin, but
unfortunately it comes with all the rest of the compiz
baggage, which is unnecessary, buggy and seems to slow down my machine.

I like what is currently available in the gnome-mag package, but there are
still a couple probs with it. I invoke it using:
    magnifier -mfiz 1

This gives me what I'm looking for, but there is a large white border and
the screen follows the mouse pointer. If I invoke the command and remove the
'm' option then I see the top right of the large white area and most of the
usable part of the screen isn't visible. As well as that problem there are
horizontal and vertical cross hairs obstructing the view.

Is there any way to run this command without these extra features - with
just inverted colour and nothing else?
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