gdm is not starting the at-spi registry daemon.

Excuse the cross-post. I'm not sure if this is better for gnome
accessibility or the gdm list so I'm sending it to both. I just finished
building gnome from source. I used the 2.18 packages and will update
things when 2.20 is out. Everything is working except that I get an error
about the accessibility registry not being found when I try to log into
a session with accessibility support enabled. Why is gdm not starting
at-spi? I'm trying to figure out what the distros are doing to make
this work but I'm having no luck. Google is not at all being helpful
either. Could somebody point me in the right direction here? I'd kinda
like to get this working to help with testing and development. I'm running
x86_64 multilib custom system. Gnome is working fine without accessibility
so I know the build is sane. If I could get gdm to start at-spi properly
this would be really great! This is not an x86_64 bug either. It appears
to happen on 32 bit builds as well. I most likely neglected something
in the configuration somewhere but I haven't a clue what that would be.

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