Re: gdm is not starting the at-spi registry daemon.

Hi David,

We changed the way of starting at-spi-registryd in gnome 2.18. When
gnome-session is started, it tries to start at-spi-registryd by
g_spawn_async if A11Y support is enabled. When at-spi-registryd is
started, it sets its IOR to XDefaultRootWindow as a property.
gnome-session listens to this change to find if at-spi-registryd is
started successfully. If gnome-session does not hear any change of
property in 5 seconds, it will popup an error dialog.

There are some reasons that can cause the error dialog popup. Sometimes
X can not pass the signal to gnome-session in time (normally happens
after user killed X and login again). If you meet the error dialog every
time, maybe because at-spi-registryd is not located at the place that
gnome-session thinks (you can try to build gnome-session with
"--with-at-spi-registryd-directory" option). 


在 2007-08-05日的 12:06 -0700,David Csercsics写道:
> Excuse the cross-post. I'm not sure if this is better for gnome
> accessibility or the gdm list so I'm sending it to both. I just finished
> building gnome from source. I used the 2.18 packages and will update
> things when 2.20 is out. Everything is working except that I get an error
> about the accessibility registry not being found when I try to log into
> a session with accessibility support enabled. Why is gdm not starting
> at-spi? I'm trying to figure out what the distros are doing to make
> this work but I'm having no luck. Google is not at all being helpful
> either. Could somebody point me in the right direction here? I'd kinda
> like to get this working to help with testing and development. I'm running
> x86_64 multilib custom system. Gnome is working fine without accessibility
> so I know the build is sane. If I could get gdm to start at-spi properly
> this would be really great! This is not an x86_64 bug either. It appears
> to happen on 32 bit builds as well. I most likely neglected something
> in the configuration somewhere but I haven't a clue what that would be.
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