Evolution questions

Hi Evolution users out there.
I have a couple questions about the Evolution system which i only
recently got to work under Ubuntu Edgy with Orca.
Firstly in mail, how do you select text to delete when quoting? I mean
sometimes it makes sence just to have the relevant parts of a message
rather than a longish quote only to come with a one-line comment and
when i try to select text for cutting with Orca, i don't have any
feedback on where i am. Is there any workaround for this?
Secondly in Calendar, what view do people with speech and braille find
most useful for navigating events and so on?
And lastly, is it possible to use GnuPG with Evolution and if so, could
anyone point me to how one uses it? Is there a plugin i need to be able
to use Gpg?

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