compiling or obtaining gnome-speech; also festival and orca on debian

These two issues may be related so I'm discussing them both in the same email.

1. I can't get the version of gnome-speech recommended for orca to compile on my debian unstable system. It hangs after checking for javac and responding "yes" in the configure. Does anybody know what might be the cause for this and is there an up-to-date version of gnome-speech in debian unstable. I can only find a libgnomespeech in debian which I have installed but i'm not sure that's up-to-date and am not clear as to whether that corresponds to gnome-speech..

2. While I can get orca to work with brltty on my system, I can't get orca to use festival though festival does work from the command line. In fact, the only choices the orca setup show me do not even include festival. They do include the software version of dectalk which I used to have but I lost that and the upgrade link fonix gave me no longer appears to work. So I need to use festival but am I missing some package or missing some step that allows orca setup to list festival as an option? I'm very happy to have brltty working but would still like to have speech work also.


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