Re: Ubuntu Accessability

Kenny Hitt writes:
 > Do you have a link to buy DECtalk?  The link I used no longer works.  I
 > tried just going to the Fonix web site, but couldn't find a link to
 > purchase the RTK for Linux.

Yes it is difficult to get the info if the web browser is not javascript capable.

Anyway here are the URLs, for the x86 US English versions (5.0 or
4.6.4). The whole process might be accessible to a text browser, this
works with w3m. Then you will receive by mail an URL to download the
runtime (a tar.gz).

AFAIK, once the English tarball is bought, it is possible to get
others languages for free (request by mail).

* Fonix DECtalk 4.6.4 RT Linux - x86 - US English :

* Fonix DECtalk 5.0 RT Linux - x86 - US English 

Best regards,



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