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Nolan Darilek wrote:
Hello, seems this list gets quite a few Ubuntu questions. Hopefully it's OK if I toss out one more. Hopefully it's quick with a simple solution. :)

You could also try the ubuntu list at:

It's read by many of the same people, but at least there all ubuntu questions are on-topic.

I decided to wipe my older Ubuntu install and try installing from the live CD. For some reason, GDM seems to start but I'm not getting the usual login sound, and I can see enough to note that the screen has various shades of blue, which doesn't jive with my experiences from before. :)

Hm, blue? Are you sure it's not Xubuntu? :) Is this the Live CD booting up or after install?
I've burned and booted the live CD, gotten Orca running and played with a few applications. Things seem to work. Clicking the installation icon on the desktop seems to kill speech, however. I see that another window has opened, but it doesn't speak and I can't seem to get Orca to offer any indications of focus change. Sorta reminds me of the behavior when I'd run some graphical application requiring sudo.

That is precisely because the installer runs as sudo. Unfortunately we won't get this to Just Work for this release, but the work-around is fairly simple: run both Orca and the installer as root:

* Open a terminal and Enter 'sudo su'
* Kill the running version of orca
* Enter 'orca &' in the root terminal
* Enter 'ubiquity' to launch the installer
* When installation is complete you will be prompted to reboot
Any idea as to what might be happening? I've looked at the forum, but all indications seem to point to simply clicking "install." This is with a current live CD as of late last night/early this morning. I've tried both running orca manually, and via the "press F5, then 3" method, thinking that perhaps this performed additional configuration steps which I'd missed.

You might even need to get a more recent version because a few days ago we had a fix in the installer that would launch Orca as root before starting itself, but the results were messy, so we decided that documenting a workaround would be better.

-- Actually your existing CD should work as well if you kill the running version of Orca just before launching the installer.


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