Ubuntu Accessability

Hi All

I am having some guys from the local LUG come around to mine tomorrow to
load up Ubuntu  6 - not sure which sub version - onto my PC.

Can you please let me know what accessability is in-built into this distro?
I want to achieve as near as possible an equivilant to Windows ZoomText in

>From previous postings I am aware that Orca is available - as I do not have
an external synth, I presume I will need Festival as well - is this part of
the distro?

I am visually impaired with about 40% sight left so I need accessability
interfaces to allow me to have:

- full screen magnification 4x is my normal level, in both GUI and non-GUI
interfaces - is this manageable by Gnome magtnification and is this on the
- screen colour inversion to allow white writing on a black background -
Gnome Mag?
- screen reader - this is the Orca + Festival interface?
- document reader - Open Office documents and PDF.  Do I still need, if
memory serves, the Java bridge for OO - again is this on the distro?

There have been postings about LSR and Speech Despatcher - LSR I presume
complements Orca, but where does Speech Despatcher fit in; is it a Festival
replacement or an additional Service to allow other apps to interface with
the above accessability options?

Cheers in anticipation


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